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– Our Clients –

We’ve been serving our clients since 1996 when we founded our firm. We understand the challenges of balancing the needs of today while responsibly preparing for tomorrow. Whether you’re a small business owner, pre-retiree/retiree, or rancher/farmer, we can help navigate each stage of life.

– Small Business Owners –

We serve small business owners who may be experiencing a gap among the services offered by traditional financial consultants. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Succession plans We develop an exit strategy for owners and their businesses. We coordinate and implement customized methods.
  • Retirement plans Retirement plans range from 401(k) profit sharing plans to defined benefit plans to many other types. We work with you to design a comprehensive approach that will fit your needs as well as the needs of the business and employees.

– Pre-Retirees and Retirees –

As you prepare for retirement, we can help you to identify what you want next and create a structured investment strategy. Once you move into retirement, we continue managing your investments so that you can spend time enjoying life.

  • We offer comprehensive wealth management plans strategically designed to help sustain wealth, offer long-term growth, and provide financial security for all stages of life.

– Ranchers and Farmers –

In times of uncertainty, ranching and farming can be risky business. Investing doesn’t have to reflect that level of risk. We can bring stability during volatile financial times by providing balanced, long-term plans.

  • We diversify investments so that wealth is more likely to grow over time.
  • We design a succession plans for future generations.