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Our Approach

The first step towards achieving true financial success is understanding an important fact: Being rich is not the same as being wealthy. Being rich, for many, means living an extravagant lifestyle and accumulating all the luxuries money can buy. Being wealthy, by contrast, means setting specific, meaningful goals for yourself and your family and then making smart financial decisions to accumulate assets over time and achieve those key life goals.


Our approach for managing wealth is built on almost 9 decades of academic and behavioral research, as well as extensive practical experience – including insights into how successful clients create, enhance, and sustain their wealth.

Our comprehensive and coordinated approach centers on your future and is intended to help you achieve all that is most important to you. We do this through a thoughtful and consultative approach. 

Together, we can design, build, and protect a comprehensive, long-term plan that reflects what is most important to you – your values, needs, concerns, and hopes.

Our Process

Design, Build, Protect

Our comprehensive advisory process is designed to determine what is most important to you personally and financially in order to put together the best possible long-term plan. Using decades of research, our team of financial professionals comes alongside you to build and implement a framework that will empower you to achieve all that is important to you and your family, and help ensure a lifetime of financial success.

While we can’t plan for every eventuality, having a strategy in place helps us stay on course. Having a plan also offers the discipline and framework to make course corrections, if needed, to help us reach our destination. In today’s complex financial world, it has become even more challenging to make smart and timely financial decisions while pursuing financial goals. It’s crucial to make wise financial decisions to achieve all that is important to you. The way to make those decisions, again and again, is to execute the plan with structure and discipline.


We start by identifying and clarifying your financial goals. Next, we tailor a financial plan designed to help make your goals possible. Our educational process is integral to the success of this stage in your planning. We offer comprehensive guidance to you so that you start with a clear understanding of all of our investment options and the fundamentals behind them.



When building your portfolio, we don't guess. We build on a foundation of accepted practices. Using decades of academic research and financial science, we engineer an evidence-based investment portfolio that lays out where you are going and how you will get there. Our aim is to create a portfolio that gives you the potential of achieving your goals with the least amount of risk.



Once you've developed your portfolio, we provide the discipline, the perspective, and the guidance to help you stay focused on your long-term objectives. As circumstances fluctuate, we rebalance your portfolios to reflect the changes in your lives. We aim to keep you on track toward achieving what is most important to you.