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Serving Investors Across America Since 1996

As a Registered Investment Advisor Firm, with our home office in the Sacramento Valley and serving the Pacific Northwest from Spokane, Washington, we uphold the highest fiduciary standards; we focus on your goals.

When you do better, we do better. Your success is our motivation!

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

As you prepare for retirement, can you confidently say that your money will outlive you? Or will you outlive your money? We offer comprehensive wealth management plans strategically designed for pre-retirees and retirees to help sustain wealth, offer long-term growth, and provide financial security for all stages of life.

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Designed for You

Farmers & Ranchers

In times of uncertainty, ranching and farming can be risky business. Investing doesn't have to reflect that level of risk. We can bring stability during volatile financial times by providing balanced, long-term plans.

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Small Business Owners

We serve small business owners who may be experiencing a gap among the services offered by traditional financial consultants.

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Our Wealth  Solution

Centered on You, Backed by Science

1. Discovery

Understand your unique goals and objectives

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2. Analysis

Evaluate your total investment & wealth circumstances

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3. Development

Create custom, comprehensive, long-term plans

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4. Implementation

Put your plan into action, engaging all resources

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5. Monitoring

Ongoing review and communication about your success

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